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Everything You Need to Know

How can you coach me if you are not physically training with me every day?

We use data uploaded from your GPS device/watch which gives us key parameters like pace, distance, time, heart rate, power, and more.  We then analyze all of that data using our proprietary methodology to determine what workouts to prescribe and at what intensities to perform.  We also prompt and encourage our athletes to comment on their workouts and communicate with us via the TrainingPeaks platform.

Do I need to be at a certain athletic level to train with Shott Performance?

No. We train athletes of all abilities and skill levels. After we have our initial consultation and setup an athlete's weekly schedule, each athlete just needs to login to TrainingPeaks and complete their activity (including rest) each day.

How is Shott Performance different from other endurance coaches?

Our human touch to the data-driven coaching model separates us from other coaches. Understanding who our athletes are and what THEY need to be able to accomplish their goals. As much as we use data in our coaching methodology,  we don't prescribe a cookie-cutter model.  We know what "body" is on the end of all the data we analyze. Every athlete has different needs, whether its more communication, more motivation, or a better explanation of the workout objectives.  At Shott Performance we are happy to mold our training methodology in a way that will benefit each individual athlete the most. 

Will you help me train for one specific event?

Asbsolutely! Whether you want to nail your next local 5k, finish the next charity cycling ride, or compete in your first triathlon, we are happy to develop a one-off training plan for you.  In an ideal world, we like to work with each athlete for several months before their first competition or event, but we know that life doesn't always work that way.  Send us an email or use the contact form so we can start getting you on your way to accomplishing your goal today!

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