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Training Methodology

Training Response

Periodization and Specificity

The most efficient way to improve in endurance sports is through periodization and specificity. 


Throughout different times of year our athletes will focus on different aspects of training for their sport.  Improving in endurance sports is very rarely a straight line, so it is important to trust the science and process behind the training.  During early phases of training cycles, some athletes can become frustrated  

Intensity Discipline

One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your overall fitness is to maintain strict intensity discipline. 

Research shows that elite athletes spend 80-90% of their training time below Lactate Threshold 1 (LT1).  For an athlete with a Lactate Threshold 2 (LT2) of 180-184bpm, their LT1 would be approximately 148-152bpm.  


That means taking it easy on your easy days so that you can train hard on your hard days. One of the biggest mistakes new athletes make is simply going too hard on their easy days.

The majority of athletes we start coaching spend a lot of time slightly above their LT1.  Using the HR numbers from aboev,

For a runner, this would be like running your easy days at 7:30 pace instead of 8:00 pace.  

For a cyclist, this would be like  riding around at 220w instead of 180w. 

Progressive Overload

The body was built to adapt to stress.  

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