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The Right Workout at The Wrong Time is The Wrong Workout

Updated: May 14, 2021

Among seasoned coaches, there aren't many secret workouts. Even an experienced athlete will have a large bank of workout history to pull from and use in their future training. For 5k runners, they will all see some form of "k repeats" at some point in their training. For cyclists a common workout is "2x20min" or sweetspot training. For a swimmer you might see "10x50yd" regularly in your rotation. The real magic that happens is WHEN to incorporate these workouts, and other key workouts, during your base, build, or race phase of training. How do you know when you are done with one phase of training, and ready for the next?

Through the various stages of training from base to peak fitness, we have developed "graduation criteria" to move our athletes from one stage of training to the next. One of the biggest advantages of working with Shott Performance is getting the correct sequence of workouts to maximize your performance for your key event. We won't give an athlete X Workout until they have completed Y Workout, where the Y Workout is a type of training that develops a particular part of the athlete's physiology.

By making sure the athlete has maximized each phase of training and demonstrated that their body is ready to absorb the next level of work, we always keep our athletes progressing forward. If this is something you have struggled with in the past, or the concept is new to you and you'd like to learn more, reach out to Owen or myself:

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